Water-heaters-1 A water heater is a luxury which has become a necessity for almost all of us.  When your water heater fails, it can shut your home’s routine down fast! As it gets older, your water heater will need repairs. The parts which are designed to fail can often be replaced, but sometimes repairing an older water heater can cost you more in the long run. Older water heaters are far less efficient than today’s standards.  Replaciwater-heaters-2ng your water heater with a more efficient model will save money over time in energy costs. With all the different styles and options out there, it can be difficult to know what type of water heater is best for your home and your family’s needs. Is a repair recommended or do I need a replacement?  Do I need a 40 or 50 gallon? Do I need two water heaters? What are the venting requirements? Is a tankless water heater the better option for my family’s usage? What about the required plumbing code upgrades needed? These are questions we get every day.  A plumbing professional at Sure Comfort can provide you with an in home estimate and will happily answer all of your questions and take the time to give you all your options.  Call today to schedule an estimate.