sewer-line-3sewer-line-1Sewer line or water line failures seem to happen with little or no warning. Signs and symptoms of these issues can vary greatly. A sewer line failure may appear as a clogged drain. A water main leak or failure could appear as unexplained water in a corner of your basement or a saturated patch of lawn. It’s possible to have few or no visible signs at all until much later. Having your sewer video inspected will give a clear picture of the condition of your sewer pipe. If you notice water in your basement from an unexplainable source or you begin having higher than normal water bills with no change in routine, you may have a water main leak. Call Sure Comfort Services for fast response from one of our plumbing professionals for a solution.

Not having a problem with your water lines but know they are old materials such as lead or galvanized steel and are looking to have them updated to modern materials?  No sweat. We can send a plumbing estimator to your home to talk to you about your needs and what your options are for a whole house water pipe replacement.