pressure-reducing-valveMost water departments bring their water to your home at far too great of pressure for your fixtures and your pipes to handle. Pressure Reducing Valves (or PRVs) do just what they say. They reduce the incoming city supplied water pressure to your home down to recommended and code required levels (between 50-70 psi). When a Pressure Reducing Valve fails, it will generally fail in the fully open position leaving you with damagingly high levels of incoming water pressure. This extra high pressure will, over time, cause your faucets to leak, the parts inside your toilet to fail, drastically shorten the life on your water heater and even cause pinhole leaks in your water pipes! It’s important to have your house water pressure checked by a professional annually to ensure it is functioning properly in order to avoid these costly repairs. Your plumbing professionals at Sure Comfort Services will test your water pressure with each service call we perform. If it’s too high, we will let you know what needs to be done in order to save you all the damaging effects a failed pressure reducing valve brings with it. This service alone can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in avoidable repairs down the road. Call Sure Comfort Services today and get the peace of mind a new PRV brings.