leaky toiletThe average family of four uses 400 gallons of water per day*. Did you know a running toilet can waste in excess of 200 gallons per day? This is like paying for the water usage of two extra people every single month! Now imagine you have two toilets leaking. What about three? Leaking toilets can be one of the single largest drains on our budget and our local water resources. Sure Comfort Services cares about our local resources as well as the people who live in it (we live here too!).
Having your toilets checked for leaks is a simple plumbing service for one of our professional plumbing technicians. And in most cases, any repairs needed can be done on the same visit. The money you save from putting an end to these silent killers of cash will begin to pay for itself immediately. Call Sure Comfort today for a leak test on all your toilets and start saving water and money!
* source: www3.epa.gov